Tips for Road Tripping with Kids (#6)

Snacks and meals can make or break your day. The secret to making time and miles fly is to make mealtime early and healthy snacks abundant.

This is the sixth installment in an ongoing series of travel-tested tips for road tripping with kids.

Tip #6. No-crash snack stash

What comes out of kids is directly related to what goes into them (I'm talking about behavior here, we're done with the puke discussion). Sugar-laden foods make them go up and down real fast (especially if they're strapped into the back seat). Snacks are a favorite time killer among kids (parents too), and that can be OK if you give them the right stuff.

  • Fruit such as Clementines are yummy, healthful, and sufficiently messy to satisfy many kids. Cherries with pits are fun to spit, but they're a wicked choking hazard, so they're no good for young kids (make sure to give the kids a trash bag to spit the seeds into). Grapes and bananas are usually popular too. Two word tip: baby wipes
  • Sugarless gum lasts long so it's a good investment in quiet time (you'll want to provide some sort of trash stash for gum disposal, if you're driving a rental, maybe it's not so important). Trident actually tastes good too.
  • Altoids!
  • Goldfish. A yummy snack that doesn't have a lot of bad stuff in it.
  • Individual apple sauce cups.
  • Animal Crackers
  • Little creal boxes are much more fun to eat then a tupperware container with cereal in it.
  • Other crackers
  • Cheerios
  • Beef jerky
  • Peanut butter
  • Cheese sticks
  • Water is better than coke. Juice works well too, but even 100% pure juice has a lot of sugars in it, so make it a once or twice a day thing.
  • Trail mix is a high protein snack with some M&M treats for the kids (I'm not a complete a sugar fascist).
  • Fruit rolls

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