Meet the Family Road Trippers!

Tinsley, the Mom!

Dan, aka PhotoDad!

Tommy, the boy!

Lilly, "the Destroyer"

Here are many of the Family road trips we've enjoyed. Tinsley and I started our journey through life together by renting a Ryder truck (one of the big ones) with a vehicle trailer carying Tinsley's Toyota pickup on the trailer. We parked my Toyota in the back of the Ryder truck and packed stuff around it. We packed my expensive acoustic guitar under the truck for protection, but it turned out to be not such a great idea. Luckily, I have a very strong guitar case.

We stopped at Mount Rushmore.
Almoston the way up the mountain in fact.

Here's a tip: Don't ever park a truck inside of another truck, put a third truck on the big heavy trailer and then load all three trucks with stuff (put a canoe and a moped on one of them), and then drive up a mountain. Luckily, I haven't developed any tips about backing a big Ryder truck hauling a trailor down Mt. Rushmore during the busy season.

We drove to Tennessee, which was our new home base for three years until we moved to New England. Now we make frequent trips to Nahville, North Carolina, Washington DC and Maine as part of my job.

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Anonymous said...

When you're near Mt Rushmore, don't miss the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD..more than 56 mammoths have been discovered..and the excavations continue every summer. (they have a simulated kids' dig too, which my son loved at age 9)
Closer to home, to see a real mastodon skeleton in Cambridge, Massachusetts, check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which has one found in New Jersey --as well as giant sloth, glypodont, lots of dinosaurs, and their 42 foot long kronosaurus.