More Road Trip Word Games

The miles go faster and familes are happier when the kids are having fun (besides, word games are free and they don't have little plastic pieces to lose)

When you're spending more than a few hours in the car, your kids are bound to get tired of the activity books you've packed for them. A road atlas of their own helps, but when it gets dark, those activities are out of the question. Word games help kids' eyes grow droopy, and that's good news for parents. There are hundreds of word games to play; here is another installment of this series.

4. 20 Questions
One person thinks of something and everyone else takes turns asking questions to narrow the focus. This game is great for developing kids imagination, and teaching them how to choose the right questions to ask.
Sample questions:
Is it a person, place, or thing?
Is it bigger than this car?

5. I Spy With My Little Eye...
A perrenial favorite, (and a great book series as well)Player one spots an object in the car, such as a pencil, and doesn't tell the other players what she's found. She simply gives one clue, such as, "I spy something that begins with a 'p'." The other players take turns trying to figure out what she's "spied" by asking "yes" or "no" questions. After each player guesses once, another clue is offered. In this case, the second clue might be, "I spy something that begins with 'p' and is yellow." The first player to guess correctly spies the next object.

6. The Alphabet game
Everyone in the car builds an alphabetical. Each person adds to the list and remember all the previouis items. Relate the topic to your road trip. Mom: When we drove to Florida, we saw an aligator. Dad: when we drove to Florida, we saw an aligator and some biscuits. Tommy would add the "c" item, and Lilly would likely pass to Mom. The game continues until the alphabet is complete. If you forget an item on the list, you're eliminated.

What are your favorite ways to pass time on long drives?

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