Tips for Road Tripping with Kids (#5)

Let's face it, at the end of a long day of driving, you need to unwind a little bit. And it's a good idea to hedge your bets in a strange town.

The fifth (so to speak) in our series of travel-tested road trip tips. This is our favorite tip, by the way...

Tip #5. Pack a flask!

...or a bottle of wine or some herbal tea. We're not in any way advocating drinking and driving. We are however advocating drinking after driving. After a long day of driving with kids in the car, you'll likely want some instant relaxation when you get to the hotel. We like to stay at Residence Inns for a number of reasons unfortunately, Residence Inns don't have an adult lounge. In unfamiliar states you'll often find, much to your surprise, dismay, and chagrin, that beer and wine are not sold at the Qwik-Stop. And the liquor store closed ten minutes before you finally found it an hour after you started looking for it.

Pamper yourself, pack a flask (great martini recipe here). Don't have a flask? Get one here (this is a Christmas hint for any loved ones who happen to be reading this blog). If you opt for wine, don't forget the corkscrew, if Herbal teas are your bag, we recommend the custom blends at Montana Tea and Spice Trading. Specifically, Evening in Missoula, Night on Glacier Bay, and Wild West.

What unwinds your drive?

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