Another Road Trip Word Game: Word Caterpillar

Here's a cool game I learned on a little drive with some friends when I was visiting San Francisco area a few months back. We were going out to dinner and had a little bit of a drive, so to keep everyone occupied we played this game.

It goes like this:
Choose a category such as food, animals, machines, etc. The youngest goes first to pick something within the category. The next person has to think of something beginning with the last letter of the previous person's choice.

So, for example if the topic were animals and the first person chose alligator, the second person would have to pick an animal beginning with 'R', such as Rat. The third person would think of one beginning with 'T' and so on.

It's a lot of fun. Ann said her son, Quinn, found it in a book called Gladstone's Games To Go, the game is called "Gourmet Grandma" in the book because they use food as the category. But it works well beyond food, so we like to call it 'Word Caterpillar.'

Do you have any word games you like to play?

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