Another Disney World Tip (for Parents)

Disney days can be looooong. If you go for a week or at least more than one day, they can be really long. One way to shorten the day is to start late and go till the fireworks. But sometimes the parents need a little break in the middle of the day. One way to get some 'me' time is to break away from the kids and enjoy an adult beverage. Now, you can't just abandon the kids, you need to plan ahead and drag your sister along with you, like we did last time.

The Traveling Mamas, specifically, CajunMama, has some recommendations for finding adult drinks in Disney World. My favorite? Go to Mexico; I'm a sucker for Mexican food and Margaritas. In fact, Mexican joints are usually pretty kid-friendly with the chips and all...

Top Tips for Finding Adult Drinks in Disney World

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