Tips for traveling with Kids Number One Bajillion: Origami!

Tinsley and Tom visited the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts a few weeks ago. They didn't blog about it, but I'll cover it quickly: There was (and will continue to be until mid June) an origami exhibit that they found fascinating.

Home they came with origami paper and a booklet. Later that night, the table was covered with i-ching wheels (which are fun to call itching wheels), star boxes, and jumping frogs. It only took a couple of days for them to master (at least from a novice's perspective) the crane.

Last weekend we had a long drive to help the City of Belfast, Maine celebrate my grandfather's 100th birthday party. Origami was a wonderful way to keep Tom busy in the backseat. As with many back seat activities, one must be aware of motion sickness. When we got to the Hotel room, I tried my hand at origami, making a paper cup. My motivation is to find a design that could be folded using a bigger piece of butcher's paper into a "Horking Cup" which is my funny way of saying barf bag.

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