This Gas Staion "Doesn't Have a Bathroom"

Gas stations that won't let little kids use the bathroom have always irritated me. Especially after I fill up the tank with $45 worth of gas. It just seems like a basic hospitality issue.

"Restrooms are for customers only" is fine. But after you fill the tank, and unstrap your three year old from the kid seat, and they walk in having to pee really bad and the man (or lady as in the most recent case) says something like "No, we don't have a bathroom." Right. Like the employees pee out back. Can't they just let one little girl pee?

That bothers me.

Doesn't it always work out that when one tank is empty, the other is full? So it seems like common decency that "service" providers recognize this and accommodate their customers with full-service. Please let us pee!

We at have started a Google map of these types of gas stations. I think anyone can contribute to the map (at least I checked a box that seemed to allow it), let's, as a family of family travelers, revolt against these un-feeling hoarders of relief. It's in the name of our kids, not us; heck, we can hold it, right? At least till we get out back.

So here's the first entry on the map of shame: Mort's Grocery in Spofford, New Hampshire:

If you're unable to add to this map, add your stations of shame to the comments section, and I'll add them to the map.


Dan said...

From Fodor's Forum:

Author: forgiddy
Date: 05/08/2008, 01:06 pm

The 2 places I had problems with this were Las Vegas and Savannah, GA.

The Las Vegas Burger King wouldn't let you use the facilities unless an employee walked you to the door and unlocked it for you, after you bought a soda.

The Savannah gas station, Mobil station, told us, no, they had no public restrooms, so we continued down the road to the next gas station. Unfortunately, it too was a Mobil station that was owned by the brother of the first station. He too did not allow restroom usage. We gave up.

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to find the thumbs up to be fair area, but thought I would let you road trippers know that if you ever visit Washington state in the Seattle area. We at Montlake 76 are more than happy to let your children and even yourself use our restroom with or with out Gas/store purchase. We think it is awful that stations no longer provide this service for travelers....WE DO

Manager Montlake 76 Seattle WA.

Dan said...

Thanks Mimi!
Next time we're in Seattle, we will buy our gas, Gator Aide, gorp, and Jolly Ranchers at Montlake 76.


Dan said...

P.S. The thumb's Up blog is here: