Wanted: Guest Bloggers

We've got some repeat visitors out there in places we don't get to visit often such as California, Minnesota, and Hawaii. But more surprisingly, Australia and Iceland. Surely there are things these folks can contribute to FamilyRoadtrippers.com

How do we know this? We recently discovered Google's Analytics tool. Wow. Before a few weeks ago, we'd been relying on the counter to tell us how many page visit we get. This tool breaks it down by visitors, pages per visit, page visits, average time on site and percent new visitors. But again, there's more surprising stuff. It shows you where in the world people are visiting from, by country. And by state, and by city. For sheer page views, The USA wins hands down with 201; Canada is second with 10. But for time spent on site The Philippines smucks the rest with 7:15, for pages per visit, Russia wins at 4.0 with Iceland close behind at 3.5.

Who'd a thunk it?

Anyways, A man named James wrote in a little while ago wanting to post a trip review of a Vancouver to San Francisco roadtrip; look for it soon. James will be our second guest blogger, the first being 'escargot' form Fodor's Forums. We'd love trip reports, travel tips, or other write ups of family road trip adventures around America and the globe.

If you'd like to participate, email us at familyroadtrippers@gmail.com. Writing ability isn't much of an issue as I make my living as a magazine editor coaching non-writers to write technical articles. If plumbers, electricians and architects can do it, so can you!

Happy trails!

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