Family Roadtrip, Comin' Up!

I have to head to New Orleans for the National Green Building Conference sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders. As it happens, the show is over the Mother's Day weekend (Smart conference planning tip: don't schedule your conference for Mother's Day weekend). Oddly enough, the NAHB's International Builder's Show was in Orlando this year over Valentines Day (is the NAHB anti-sweetheart and anti-Mom?).

As luck would have it, Tinsley is fine with me going to the conference as long as I take her out to a nice Mother's Day Brunch.

In New Orleans.

Do I feel a road trip coming, or what?

Ever since we lived in Nashville, we've wanted to drive the Natchez Trace Parkway. It's a 444 mile National Scenic Route running from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, TN. The Parkway follows the old Natchez Trace Trail which was a walking and horse path back in the old days.

I got to drive a small portion of it the last time I visited New Orleans, and the itch intensified. In a few weeks, we'll fly into Nashville and rent a car. We'll drive the Natchez Trace to its end and wind our way into New Orleans.

Maybe we'll take the fast way back, maybe not.

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