Five Family Travel Trends to Look For

According to the UK's Times online we family travelers ought to be on the look out for some new trends in our 2008 travels.

1. ‘Parent-Friendly’ will replace ‘child-friendly'
Siân Williams, founder of Baby Friendly Bolt Holes expects more stuff for "mum and dad" in addition to the stuff aimed at quieting the kids. We've found this to be at least a little true with the creeping in of espresso machines at various Residence Inns (thank you Mr. Marriott).

2. More adventure family travel
"We are finding families requesting different itineraries for different ages, and going for the idea of being reunited at the end of the day around a bonfire, or authentic ‘asado’, to share stories about their day" says Emmanuel Burgio, founder of US-based travel boutique Blue Parallel. "We are getting particular requests for Peru, where there is much to learn about the culture, and natural wonders such as the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia”.

3. Less adventure family travel
“I predict a growing trend for ‘soft’ family adventures throughout the world" forecasts Andrew Dunn, managing director and founder of Scott Dunn, who says that they're already experiencing this trend. "When the brood have grown bored of the beach, a soft family adventure is just the ticket for injecting fun, excitement, learning and passion for travel and culture into children’s lives. Having children does not mean the end of adventure, if anything it is just the beginning.

4. Reduced carbon footprint
Mandy Ley-Morgan, marketing manager of Luxury Family Hotels:"Over the past six months, we have noticed the average length of stays at our luxury family country hotels double from two nights to four. Our customers are now making the UK either their main or second holiday of the year - instead of previously having their big holidays abroad in France or Spain. Customers are telling us that they wish to reduce their carbon footprint, are fed up with long security airport queues and that there are now more family-friendly holiday options in the UK.”

5. Luggage kids can ride
"I know, having young children myself, that travelling with them can make holidays very stressful" says Justin Cole, general manager of OctopusTravel, "Trunki – the world’s first ride-on suitcase for kids - is a great idea to keep them amused - and it is practical as well!"

Our prediction:
Families will travel lighter in smaller cars while visiting national parks.
Travel destinations should learn to accommodate lighter travel to add value.

What do you see happening on the travel horizon?

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