Backseat Roadtrip Office

Here's another tip for roadtripping with kids: Set them up with a backseat roadtrip office.

We got a Christmas present a few years ago that has worked out to be a great backseat office for kids. As far as I can tell, it's called an insulated seat back organizer, and it's made by Lewis N Clark. They don't seem to make the same product any more, but there are many similar products by other manufacturers (see below). The hanging seat back organizer straps around the top and bottom of the seat, has two insulated pockets, one of which is removable (velcro) to reveal a fold-down desk and three net pockets big enough for a water bottle, flashlight, and a point and shoot camera. The mini cooler is accessible to the backseat traveler as a place to store road snacks and juice boxes. The desk helps travelers keep their things from getting lost, or landing on the floor.

As I said, there are many other forms of hanging seat back storage caddies, just Google it or go to Amazon and search. There are even a few custom designed for kids such as this one.

But you don't have to buy a specially made seat back desk, in fact the design can be improved on if you build one yourself. By modifying a metal cookie tray with upturned sides, you can make a fold-down desk that will keep crayons from rolling off the sides. Even better, the metal tray will make magnetic toys games possible, and magnetic toys don't get dropped on the floor as easily, so there will be fewer 'back seat crises'.

If you've got some custom designs for back seat offices, send them in!

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