A New Thanksgiving Road Trip Tradition

Wile away the miles with notes of thanks.

Tommy read about a wonderful idea in Highlights Magazine, which we tried at the FamilyRoadTripper household this year: The Thankful Jar. The idea is to put a label a jar that says something like "Our Thankful Jar" at the beginning of November. Place a little pad of paper and a pencil nearby. Whenever you think of something that you're thankful for, write a thankful note and place it in the Thankful Jar. Then, during your road trip to Thanksgiving Dinner, open the Thankful Jar and read the notes. You can take turns reading if you want to.

Some of the notes we opened this year:
I'm thankful for apple pie
I'm thankful for my husband
I'm thankful that we have such a wonderful home
I'm thankful for whoever is reading this
I'm thankful for Spiderman 3
I'm thankful that my family forgives me when I make mistakes
I'm thankful that my family believes in me
I am thankful for Thanksgiving
I'm thankful for our health!
I'm thankful for strawberry and banana pancakes!
I am thankful for my children
I am thankful for the planet we live on

What are you thankful for?

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