Barf Bag from Family Road Trippers

Name the place in the Find this Place posts and you can win a custom made barf bag from FamilyRoadTrippers. They're sure to become collector's items.

If you'd like to win a custom Ralf Pack, just identify the location of one of the Find This Place photos. Stephen, from, asked for a sample barf bag even though he didn't know where the monster rock is, nor did he even vote in any of my polls at left. I'm sending the bag in the photo at right to Steve for his collection, but I'm a little disappointed that he couldn't find the answer. After all, it's somewhere on this blog.

And I must say, I'm a little disappointed in Steve and the other viewers of this blog for not voting in the polls. About 10 - 20 people visit each day and only 5 have voted in two of the polls and eight voted in another. I even added the first poll as an ice-breaker...

Please vote early and often!

1 comment:

sjs said...

Thanks! I'm going to post the bag on my site and link back to your blog.

PS: I voted in a few polls