Getting the Itch for a Summer Road Trip

I need to be in Montana this summer for some video shoots and other job site visits. Was planning to fly the family out to Spokane and rent a car, but we're wondering if maybe we ought to seize the opportunity and drive the whole danged way.

This route would take us through Niagara Falls to Chicago where we could pick up Route 66. We could drive 'America's Main Street' to St. Louis where we'd head west to Colorado, then north to Montana.

The drive back could swing through Michigan's Upper Peninsula, through Ohio, and across Pennsylvania.

It's been about 13 years since Tinsley and I have had a 2,000+ mile road trip, and maybe time to really break in the kids (or break them down?)

What do you think?
What would YOU do?


robert said...

We would go by sleeper train. It's expensive and sometimes the toilets don't work, but it is old world fun. Then rent a car in Whitefish. We have made a few trips. Rob, Melanie, Amzi, and Amelia.

Dan said...

We've got a wonderful cross-country train ride fantasy too. I want to take the City of New Orleans train from Chicago to New Orleans. Maybe we could drive to Whitefish, take the train to Chicago and New Orleans, and then fly back up to Montana.

You did this with two children? How'd it go? I'd love to hear details. Care to write a guest post about it?