To Dog or Not to Dog?

The following email came to me while I was at work the other day. It was from Tinsley. To put it in context, I should say that we've been contemplating getting a dog. It's been almost three years since Wookie died and we feel like it may be time to fill her shoes, so to speak.

It just occurred why I need us to have a dog.
I have wondered much why I would want an additional source of chaos, feces, noise,
debris, etc... because that really does not make sense. However,

I just put both our kids down for an enforced nap at 11:30. They both totally hate me right now
and are drowsily plotting their next move. I can hear one of them rustling ominously this very moment.

But a dog NEVER does that. Not even terriers. (Cats might.)
A dog's only agenda is love, and maybe stick. And food, but let's face it, compared to being shrieked
at over peanut butter & jelly vs. peanut butter & honey, dogs culinary needs are pretty easy to handle.

Kids make you constantly aware of what a [beep] you are.
I don't even have to compare dogs to that. You know.

Selfish? Maybe.
Balm for the soul? Absolutely.

So I just had to sit here and tell you.

And they lick everything but a few veggies off the floor.

god bless dogs.

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Tinsley said...

yeah, so... kids don't chew computer cables, shoes or garbage.
so dog bless kids.