Three Ways to Green Your Family Road Trip

There are a lot of reasons to do less damage to the environment. There are also a lot of ways to do it. Here are three ways to use less gas and support local economies at the same time. After all, the money you put into your tank doesn't really trickle down to the locals does it?

1. Drive fewer miles, spend more time in local places
Often some of the coolest things are right around the corner. The Statue of Liberty and Cape Cod National Seashore are within a day's drive of FamilyRoadtrippers HQ . Even closer to home are Mystic Seaport, Norman Rockwell's museum, and Mark Twain's house. Other people travel half way around the world to visit your corner of the globe, why not get acquainted with it yourself?
Tip: this can help the kids better understand their geographic region, and do better in school.

2. Skip the sushi, eat local favorites.
Maine Lobster, New Orleans gumbo, Cuban sandwiches in Miami, and a Philly Cheese Steak. What could be better? Omaha beef? (Yup). Not a whole lot more to say here. The Barbecue is best anywhere between North Carolina and Texas. New York City has Chinese/Cuban restaurants. New Mexico? Green Chilies! Seattle? Beer and coffee.

3. Be a Hipermiler!
These people are amazing. They get better gas mileage that you and I get from the exact same car. How do they do it? Six steps and a little patience.

How do you green your road trips?

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