An Unusual Misspelling Adventure

I sent a press release to friends and family about a week ago announcing the one year anniversary of the FamilyRoadTrippers blog when one of the recipients wrote back telling me that when she clicked the link for the blog's home page, she was directed to a bible college web site.


I went back to the original email and clicked through. Sure enough, I was directed to this site.
As it turns out, I mistyped the URL, by accidentally omitting the "s" in "blogspot." But why does the spelling error direct people to the bible college site? How does possibly relate to, the ones who seem to be taking advantage of poor typists?

To find out, I emailed them to ask:

I'm a little confused about a URL that points to your website. When I misspelled my own URL (by accidentally omitting the "s" in "blogspot"), I was directed to your site ( The page looked exactly the same as your page, only it has my misspelled URL in it. Why does this happen? Did you register a misspelling of my site to attract unsuspecting familyroadtripper traffic to your site?
If so, why?

Thank you for helping me to clear this up,

I'll post their answer if and when I receive it. In the meantime, feel free to contact them to ask the same questions.

Then it occurred to me, they own That way, any blog consumer to miss the "s" in a address would be directed to Great way to boost your traffic for ad sales, but a little bit dishonest.

Oh, well. It takes all kinds I guess...

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