We're One!!

John Prine says he writes songs to get them out of his head. "If I didn't write them down, they'd keep clanging around inside my head drivin' me crazy."

A year ago, we started getting our roadtrip tips, techniques, and tactical advice out of our heads so that we could get on with the important stuff. Like making shadow puppets. The initial post was Three Tips for Road Tripping with Kids, number one being, 'Start 'em young: travel early and often'. The topics grew into Photo tips (How to Take Lousy Photos of Kids Every Time), City Guides with Wiki-maps, a geographical scavenger hunt (Find this Place!), and Tips for Traveling With Dogs. We've had over 5,000 page visits and were recently featured in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald).

Unfortunately, in the year since we started the blog, our dog, Wookie, has departed for The Rainbow Bridge, so we're flying solo right now.

We've been able to keep up a moderate pace of a little more than a topic per week, blogging while making breakfast for the kids Saturday or Sunday morning seems to be the sweet spot. Tommy even has a backseat blog that he'll be updating more often this year.

We're looking forward to many more road trips this coming year, and expect to keep the content coming. Among our upcoming articles are Backseat Science Experiments, Backroads of Montana, and Backseat shadow puppet theater.

What topics would you like to see this year?

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