Omaha, Nebraska is O! So Great

I went to Omaha a couple of weeks ago for a quick photo shoot (1 full day, 2 half days) of the PATH concept house. I really didn't expect much more than great sunsets, sunrises, and steaks. But as soon as I got out of the airport, I could tell the city is vibrant. Lot's of public sculpture (including the O! Public Art Project), lots of parks, many new buildings and old buildings is great shape. There's a section of town called old town (or something like that) with brick streets and great old buildings with lots of restaurants, brew pubs, wine bars, shops etc. Many of the sidewalks in this section of town are covered with tin roofs featuring flower boxes along their leading edge. This makes for a great look, especially in the evening sun light.

Sadly, I kept leaving the camera in my hotel room when I went for dinner, so I didn't get any great shots of this photogenic city.
But I'll be back.

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